Restaurant "Locale"

in Riga, Old Town

Only the best seasonal products of Latvia and Eastern Mediterranean region in authentic recipes by chef Dmitrijs Slatins

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Biggest pride

Restaurant holds an impressive vinotheque: modern technologies allow to hold needed temperature on every shelf. Riga is full with wine gourmets who can appreciate this resplendence as well the wine list.


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Gastronomical restaurant in heart of Riga Old Town


Fresh products

We're using only the freshest products that could bring Riga's central market and local farmers from their households. Every morning we're searching for the best that season could give... Our menu is always seasonal, with some best selling all-year dishes.


We offer dishes from those products that are especially good in the particular season. We select the best offers of suppliers and cook well known dishes from all around Eastern Mediterranean region using local products...

Special cooking method

Healthy food does not only depends on the quality of the products, but also the cooking method. We're using the most modern technologies in our cooking room; charcoal oven, sous-vide, shock camera etc., but not forgetting the traditions. This allows getting the most out of the products and ensures special flavour.

Food and drink pairing

We’re always trying to keep our beverage selection to be wide and actual on beverage market, and it’s been a 9th year since we have started. You can find our creations using modern techniques, that are mainly been built together with our chefs. If You are not in cocktails - make sure, that You have checked our wine list with selection of goodies from Italy and Georgia.